16 ноября 2012 г.

Shelly / Шелли

В этом месяце мало солнечных дней и мы с зайкой Шелли хотим поделиться с вами солнечным настроением и позитивом. Маленькая зайка Шелли вспоминает тёплые осенние денёчки. Впрочем, она очень лёгкая и позитивная девочка и предстоящая зима её не пугает.
This month, there is very little sun in the sky, so Shelly and I would like to give you more positive emotions and high spirits! The bunny is available in my new store on BearPile. Today, this is my favorite design of bunnies. Shelly is made of hand-dyed viscose of a very gentle hue. The ears, heels and palms are all made of a polka dot fabric. For this bunny I have made a dress of Korean cotton and knitted her a beret. The beret is decorated with a silk ribbon, and the dress features a yo-yo. Shelly the hare recalls warm autumn days. She is a very good-natured and positive person, though, so the forthcoming winter doesn’t scare her at all.

2 комментария:

  1. Oh how sweet is that little bunny. I love her frock, with just the right place for her cute little tail to poke out.



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